Nokia S40(series) Subscribe to GPRS (or PACKET) first

I had this error message when I tried to access the internet via a java application.

I knew that GPRS was set up correctly and working (since I had downloaded that java application and more), so what could the problem be?

Turns out that Nokia S40 phones only use the internet settings that are sent from the operator for Wap browsing, not for applications and that I need to make these settings my self.

Most phones I have tried this on so far have had very similar menus for doing this (the biggest difference so far has been that some phones calls it PACKET instead of GPRS (witch does stand for General Packet Radio Services;).

I will now make a general instruction (and add phone specific as comments, please add how it looks on your phone if you have another Nokia S40 model). The values within () are those I used for Telenor Sweden.

Settings -> configuration settings -> Personal configuration settings

Use add new -> Access point

Account name – Use something remember able

Access point settings [check your providers settings and use the correct once]

Data bearer


Bearer settings

GPRS/PACKET Access point (this is sometimes called Access Point Name (APN), and ought to be an ip or a domain name).


Authentication type (not all carriers use this, but check your settings).


User name (not all carriers use this – leave blank if not needed, but check your settings).


Password (not all carriers use this – leave blank if not needed, but check your settings).


Simply use “back” when you are done (it will save the changes).

Back to the “Personal config. settings” menu

Options -> Activate

Now we (should be) done and all should be working well. One phone (I can’t remember what one just) was unable to surf WAP after doing this but getting new settings from my carrier worked.

Nokia security code

Hmm, having a default code to make a factory reset, this might be a good thing (in a way), but wouldn’t it have been better to have it turned off as default and make up a own code if I feel I would need one. Having it active and using a default sems like an odd idea. (Then again letting the user = me?) know this code is nice. We are still missing our handset code for one of the sharp phones at work 🙁
Q: What is the default security code in my Nokia phone?

A: The default security code for your Nokia phone is 12345.

Changing resolution on a nokia java file (S60 3rd ed or later)

or how to cheat and support a Nokia 352×416 using “normal” S60 (176×208).

Either in the manifest file or the jad file enter these two lines. (thus making it possible to use a Nokia S60 file on a Nokia N80 (et al)

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 352,416

This parameter works on all S60 3rd ed (or later).

Documentation from Nokia about this