The different key values of SonyEricsson M600 and W950 in java

When working with java against these two devices there are some things too keep in mind.

(also it is important to keep in mind that these two devices don’t have a d-pad – so any functions and help texts need to bear this in mind – the wheel does work like up/down/select but on the w950 there is no way to move left/right, on the m600 I have to press ALT+*/# to do this)

lower left corner of the touch screen (lsk): -6
lower right corner of the touch screen (rsk): -7
wheel up: -1
wheel down: -2
whell press: -5

[on the m600 the each key has 2 letters, and each letter has a own key value (the device detects if I pressed the
right or left side of the key (it almost looks like the come in alphabetical order;)]
1: e 101 r 114
2: t 116 y 121
3: u 117 i 105
4: d 100 f 102
5: g 103 h 104
6: j 106 k 107
7: x 120 c 99
8: v 118 b 98
9: n 110 m 109
0: 32

lower left corner of the touch screen (lsk): -6
lower right corner of the touch screen (rsk): -7
wheel up: -1
wheel down: -2
whell press: -5

Key board
[the w950 has less buttons for the key board so each button has 3 letters on them, and I have to multitap in
order to get another letter, so here each number key only has one value]
1: 49
2: 50
3: 51
4: 52
5: 53
6: 54
7: 55
8: 56
9: 57
0: 48

Also it might be important to keep this in mind if there are texts in the application/game that refers to softkeys, d-pad or similar.

Samsung U600 install jar directly (without ota download)

This is likely to work on other Samsung devices as well, when I get around to it I will try it on some more devices.
1. Transfer the .jad and .jar files to the phones memory to the ‘Other Files’ folder.
You can transfer the files from Samsung PC Studio’s ‘Phone Explorer’, or just transfer it straight to the memory card and move it to ‘Other Files’ from the phone’s menu.
(If you don’t have a .jad file, you can download ‘Jad Maker’ (google) and make a new one)

2. Exit all menus and type in this code: *#9998*4678255#.
You should now get a ‘Activated’ message. Java install is enabled.

3. Go to the ‘Other Files’ folder and select the .jad file (should be 1kb).
Press ‘Options’ (left soft key) and you should get a ‘Do you want to install’ question.
Press ‘Yes’ to install.

4. To deactivate Java install, simply type the same code again.
You should now get a ‘Deactivated’ message.

Internet for Java on Samsung X640

Turns out that Samsung x640 don’t use the defaut settings to connect to the internet for java applications. And the way the Samsung said this was by simply freezing when it asked “Want to send HTTP information?”

This is changed in: Menu -> Fun box -> JAVA world -> Internet Settings and here entering the settings that your service provider gives you.
Doing so made me get past this screen.

(Just to bad I still can’t get it working 🙁 )

Changing resolution on a nokia java file (S60 3rd ed or later)

or how to cheat and support a Nokia 352×416 using “normal” S60 (176×208).

Either in the manifest file or the jad file enter these two lines. (thus making it possible to use a Nokia S60 file on a Nokia N80 (et al)

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 352,416

This parameter works on all S60 3rd ed (or later).

Documentation from Nokia about this