Nokia security code

Hmm, having a default code to make a factory reset, this might be a good thing (in a way), but wouldn’t it have been better to have it turned off as default and make up a own code if I feel I would need one. Having it active and using a default sems like an odd idea. (Then again letting the user = me?) know this code is nice. We are still missing our handset code for one of the sharp phones at work 🙁
Q: What is the default security code in my Nokia phone?

A: The default security code for your Nokia phone is 12345.

4 thoughts on “Nokia security code

  1. i changed and forgot my mobile code how could i get back or change code

  2. Now that however is another issue 😉
    I asume remebering it would be a great way. Most likely they can help you if you hand it in for service …

  3. Found a tip that works on most phones in the BB5 series (and possibly other Nokias as well) – to reset the security code to 12345. This might reset other data on the device as well, so better make a backup of important things first.

    While starting the phone, keep “*”, “3” and the “green phone” buttons pressed until the phone has fully booted up.

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