Arrival of MakerBot

Got my MakerBot in the mail.
It is made in batch XVI (hint the batch number is etched into the wooden parts, unlike the serial number it is not printed on a label)

Decided I should name it Fermat (in honor of Pierre de Fermat)
Also stared reading the build instructions and consider if I should paint it or not … the decision is to not paint it for now, maybe try to give it some protective lacquerer later on (not a optimal plan – if you know you want to paint your – do it before starting assembly).

Important: If you have gotten a kit that includes a power supply. Make sure you verify that it is set for the correct operating voltage – if not you will release the magical blue smoke from it.

All parts of the MakerBot (deluxe kit, no plastics plus a heated build platform and a extra Plastruder MK 5 gear upgrade kit) laid out on my bed: