Magento: Adding piwik tracking

Using piwik to track Magento visitors is a easy thing to do.

In Magento Connect there is a plugin to install

See my earlier post if you don’t wish to turn your site to alpha on all packages.

For the settings, most are self explaining, the token can be found in piwik under API and is labeled API key, please read the warnings about using it and consider if you will need it.

4 thoughts on “Magento: Adding piwik tracking

  1. Hi, there is also another extension that brings Piwik to Magento.

    does the same, plus adding a nice chart with the visits, a grid with live user tracking AND replaces the chart rendering enging from google charts with a PHPlot implementation that does’n send your order- and amount data to google.

    With best regards

  2. hi, i installed this plugin but on my admin panel when i click on the Piwik configuration tab, i get a blank screen or Acess Denied message,, any clues?

  3. @Dan:
    That one is new to me, given that you cleared the caches and logged out (and back in) after installing the new plugin.

    You can also check the apache logs and look if that gives any hints as to files with bad permissions.

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