Magento: Problem with the Fontis WYSIWYG editor (FCKeditor) and {{store url=””}}

The problem is that a link like <a href="{{store url=""}}"> gets converted to <a href="{{store url="> and that is a problem (it makes the link much longer and the page seams to be lacking a lot of text.

One solution is to replace the "" (2 ") where the second disappears with ” (2 ‘).

It is probably a very good idea to make this change on all " inside {{ }} to ‘s.

However it is still a good idea to do this change in the code mode of the editor or it will do some of its magic on it.

Magento: Problem with the Fontis WYSIWYG editor (FCKeditor) and custom database predix

We were having lots of trouble getting the Configuration JavaScript working.
The problem turned out to be that we are having a prefix in our database of magento, and the code was not handling this case.
While setting up views in the db would have been one workaround…

To find out if you are suffering from this issue as well, open the fontis_custom_config.php file in an browser – and if you see mysql errors then there is a problem – and below is a solution that worked for us.

We did some edits to the js/fontis/fckeditor/fontis_custom_config.php file to make it handle database prefixes.

    $prefix = $xml->global->resources->db->table_prefix;
    $tablename = $prefix . "core_config_data";

And then simply replace all the following instances of ‘core_config_data’ (without ‘s) with ‘” . $tablename .”‘ (again without ‘s) (as for insance)

            "SELECT * FROM " . $tablename . " WHERE path = 'fontis_wysiwyg/fckeditor/usecustomtoolbarjs'"));