Java Converting between Boolean & String

To convert from a Boolean to a string

new Boolean(new String("hej".equalsIgnoreCase("HEJ")).toString();

and then from a string to a boolean

boolean theValue = Boolean.parseBoolean(strBoolean);

PHP: Converting a bool value to a string value

The first idea that comes into mind for doing this is to simply make a typecast of the boolean variable to a string and use that (which works)

$testVar = false;
echo (string)$testVar; //will output a empty string (as that evaluates to false)
$testVar = true;
echo (string)$testVar; //will output 1 (as that evaluates to true)

but what if the requirement is that the string should say true or false

$testVar = false;
echo $testVar ? 'true' : 'false'; //will output false
$testVar = true;
echo $testVar ? 'true' : 'false'; //will output true

(While the above example might seam useless I recently had to do this for a db insert)