Sony Smart Extras (Smartwatch) Keeping the screen on – controlling the screen state

In the utils package there is a function that can be used to control the screen state.

     * Set the accessory screens state.
     * @see Control.Intents#SCREEN_STATE_AUTO
     * @see Control.Intents#SCREEN_STATE_DIM
     * @see Control.Intents#SCREEN_STATE_OFF
     * @see Control.Intents#SCREEN_STATE_ON
     * @param state The screen state.
    protected void setScreenState(final int state) {
        if (Dbg.DEBUG) {
            Dbg.d("setScreenState: " + state);
        Intent intent = new Intent(Control.Intents.CONTROL_SET_SCREEN_STATE_INTENT);
        intent.putExtra(Control.Intents.EXTRA_SCREEN_STATE, state);

So all we need to do in order to control the screen state is to call this with the correct screen state intent. The following example will keep the screen on