Magento: Problem with DIBS module

Using the DIBS module (from Magento connect); we had the “slight” problem that if the order was payed using the test visa card (from DIBS 10 steps) viewing the order was not possible.
The page only partially rendered but most of it was not shown.

We “fixed” this by adding two things to app/code/local/Mage/Adminhtml/Block/Sales/Order/View/Tab/Info.php

We figured out the problem lied in the “switch($paytype)” statement in the “function printLogo($paytype)”

We started by editing the “default:” statement to read

$res = 'no image for ' . $paytype;

instead of the old statement of

$res = '<img src="' . $paytype;

was what broke the page rendering as that img tag was not ended.

We also added an extra case for the card that didn’t exist in the old switch:

case 'VISA,V-DK':  {
                $res = '<img alt="" />getSkinUrl('images/dibs/visa.gif') . '" border="0" />';  break;